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We knew there was room on Long Island for a catering and event planning company with a unique vision.​ We started P Twelve for that reason. A love of food, family and friends and a knack for putting the three together in a way that is unforgettable. ​

P Twelve promises flawless organization for the largest and smallest of events, spectacular design, and delicious food and drinks delivered by a team of highly personable and professional staff.

Whether an intimate occasion for friends and family, a celebration dinner or entertaining corporate guests, P Twelve will draw on its vast experience to make your event truly exceptional. We want your event to be memorable and capture your personality.

Our Chef: Pierluigi (Gigi) Sacchetti

Born and raised in Firenze , Italy, Gigi moved to New York to pursue his passion for food and wine and to fulfill his dream of owning a restaurant. He did just that and his restaurant in lower Manhattan became the “hot spot” for many people to congregate.

As his restaurant flourished, Gigi was offered the position of personal chef to the Italian Ambassador to the United Nations. In his role, Gigi was responsible for personal in-house dining, as well as preparing over 200 catering events in the United Nations building. Gigi was so loved that he remained on to work with two of the Ambassador’s successors.

Gigi opened two more Trattorias on the upper east side of Manhattan and obtained personal recognitions from various newspapers, magazines and television shows. He also cooked at the James Beard Foundation in New York and was given high ratings in Zagat surveys multiple times.

Gigi was approached by Brian Fern, owner of Pearsall’s Station in Lynbrook, Long Island, to be executive chef/event coordinator of his new venture P TWELVE, a catering and events venue in town.

Gigi’s goal is to make P TWELVE the “hot spot’ to host your special events on the South Shore of Long Island.

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