Mix greens tomato red onion cucumber balsamic vinaigrette
Classic Caesar salad homemade dressing and croutons
Baby arucola roasted pear shaved Tuscan pecorino cheese lemon dressing
Mesclun salad red beet goat cheese walnuts and sliced apples Italian dressing
Baby arucola with Caesar salad dressing
Romaine lettuce crispy bacon grilled asparagus crispy parmigiano fig glaze
Plum tomatoes shallots diced mozzarella roasted pepper balsamic glaze
Imported buffalo mozzarella vine tomato basil pesto and steamed asparagus
Imported burrata cheese roasted red pepper crispy prosciutto cherry tomato

Add grilled chicken
Add grilled shrimp

Mac and Cheese

Classic Velveeta cheese topped by breadcrumbs
Truffle oil fontina cheese and truffle oil
Spicy fontina and Velveeta cheese spicy Calabrian sausage
Shrimp Velveeta cheese shrimp topped by breadcrumbs
Romano pancetta and four cheeses


Penne filetto di Pomodoro fresh plum tomato garlic onion and prosciutto
Penne alla vodka creamy pink sauce
Penne caprese tomato sauce and diced mozzarella
Penne al pesto Genovese basil garlic olive oil parmigiano pignoli nuts
Penne all’arrabbiata spicy garlic and parsley tomato sauce
Penne popeye fresh spinach in a pink sauce
Rigatoni alla Bolognese traditional emilian meat sauce
Rigatoni alla napoletana braised short rib and tomato ragu’
Rigatoni Contadina prosciutto peas creamy tomato sauce
Rigatoni norcina mild sausage sage tomato sauce and shaved pecorino
Rigatoni alla norma diced eggplant tomato basil and shaved ricotta salata
Rigatoni 4 formaggi four cheeses creamy sauce
Spaghetti al ragu’ Tuscan meat sauce of pork and beef
Spaghetti cacio e pepe roman pecorino cheese sauce and black pepper
Spaghetti alla carbonara creamy egg sauce pancetta and pecorino cheese
Spaghetti alla grigia diced guanciale ( cured pork jowl) aged pecorino chili flakes
Spaghetti Napoli diced mozzarella cherry tomato basil red pepper
Spaghetti Napoli diced mozzarella cherry tomato basil red pepper

Spaghetti Sardinia hot sausage saffron tomato sauce sage
Spaghetti alla puttanesca tomato anchovies black olives and capers
Linguine mare clams calamari mussels white wine parsley garlic
Linguine vongole manila clams cherry tomato white wine sauce
Linguine fra’ diavolo shrimp calamari spicy red sauce
Linguine scampi jumbo shrimp asparagus cherry tomato white wine
Linguine bottarga jumbo shrimp bottarga ( Sardinian caviar) saffron garlic
Orecchiette broccoli rabe mild sausage
Orecchiette hot sausage and broccoli
Orecchiette Apulia mussels and cannellini beans
Lasagna emiliana classic béchamel and meat sauce
Lasagna siciliana ricotta cheese and tomato
Lasagna veggie mix vegetables and béchamel
Gnocchi Napoli tomato sauce and bufala mozzarella​
Gnocchi 4 formaggi four cheeses creamy sauce
Gnocchi vitello creamy veal ragu’
Gnocchi Verdi spinach gnocchi vodka sauce
Gnocchi lombardia gorgonzola cheese walnuts crispy prosciutto


Tenderloin green peppercorn and cognac sauce
Tenderloin baby arucola and shaved parmigiano cheese
Tenderloin olive oil and rosemary
Flank steak 2 days marinated then grilled and sliced
Flank steak Argentinian “ chimichurri” marinated then grilled and sliced
Flank steak grilled with onion pepper and mushrooms
Short rib braised in red wine and spices
Short rib braised in tomato oregano black olives and capers
Short rib creamy four cheeses sauce
Braciole classic cheese and parsley in red sauce
Braciole roma prosciutto sage in red sauce
Braciole siciliane raisins pignoli nuts pecorino cheese in red sauce


Scarpariello boneless breast and thigh sausage onion pepper
Francese boneless breast lemon sauce
Saltimbocca pounded breast prosciutto sage white wine
Napoli boneless breast prosciutto mozzarella onion basil
Milanese breaded topped by fresh tomato shallots mix greens
Parmigiana breaded topped by tomato sauce and mozzarella
Piccata boneless breast white wine lemon capers sauce
Pizzaiola boneless breast mushroom onion pepper red sauce
Brasato braised chicken on the bone red wine mushroom onion
Galletto young chicken oven roasted Tuscan style
Galletto diavola young chicken grilled in a spicy marinade


Roasted loin rosemary olive oil
Roasted loin pepper onion sage
Roasted loin mushrooms creamy sauce rosemary
Roasted loin prosciutto mozzarella sage
Roasted loin tomato sauce black olives capers
Mild sausage pepper onion rosemary
Mild sausage garlic broccoli rabe
Mild sausage cannellini beans shallots sage garlic
Hot sausage garlic and broccoli rabe
Hot sausage sautéed escarole and garlic
Hot sausage hot long cherry peppers red onion and escarole
Baby back ribs classic barbecued
Spare ribs classic barbecued


Scaloppine white wine lemon sauce
Scaloppine prosciutto sage white wine
Scaloppine red pepper and onion rosemary
Scaloppine Italian ham and fontina cheese
Scaloppine Milanese style with fresh tomato shallots mix greens
Scaloppine mushrooms tomato onion red sauce
Scaloppine tomato sauce capers oregano
Scaloppine white wine black olives capers in lemon sauce
Scaloppine red pepper hot long Italian pepper shallots


Salmon oven baked lemon pepper
Salmon oven baked potato crusted
Salmon oven baked bruschetta toppings
Salmon oven baked asparagus cherry tomato
Salmon oven baked black olives capers shallots
Jumbo shrimp white wine lemon parsley
Jumbo shrimp fra’ diavolo sauce
Jumbo shrimp crispy parmigiana style
Jumbo shrimp oven baked wrapped in bacon
Jumbo shrimp puttanesca black olives anchovies capers tomato sauce
Jumbo shrimp Tuscan marinated the grilled
Calamari grilled white wine shallots lemon parsley
Calamari crispy marinara sauce
Calamari fra’ diavolo sauce
Calamari salad celery carrots onion garlic olive oil

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